At Keep Them Spinning, our essence is deeply rooted in the unmistakable charm of music. Whether it’s the sweet melody of The Beatles, the daring rhythm of Daft Punk, or any sonic gem you discover in between, we understand and share your love for music in all its forms and eras. We are connected by the pulsation of the rhythm, the resonance of the melodies, and the emotion that awakens with each spin of a vinyl on the turntable.

From the first echoes of a song in our memory to the rhythms that still resonate in our hearts, each note tells a part of our story. It’s a journey of discoveries, emotional encounters, unforgettable moments that become eternal thanks to music.


Keep Them Spinning transcends the mere idea of a brand, we are a meeting point, a vibrant community. Our mission is to enrich your sonic journey, providing you with a space where your precious vinyl records and your new discoveries are the center of attention, all amidst a shared love for music.

Our hallmark is the creation of furniture with exclusive designs for vinyl records. Designs that are the result of dedication and extreme care, created so that your collection is always at your fingertips, ready to be enjoyed and shared. With our products, every album and every song have the opportunity to be protagonists, turning your home into a personalized concert.

At Keep Them Spinning, we value quality, exclusivity, and true passion for music. We invite you to become a part of our community, where every record counts, every note resonates, and each member contributes their unique rhythm to the symphony. Join us in this melodious journey and celebrate the power of music.

Stay in rhythm, keep the musical passion alive: #keepthemspinning!